Maticon is a company offering engineering- and consultancy services within the field of mechanical engineering.

Since 2004 we have delivered consultancy services and optimized solutions to many companies, from static calculations of welded machine- and steel constructions to comprehensive pipe stress- and finite element calculations and analysis.

We are specialized within design, calculations and technical documentation of pressurized equipment to be used within the European Union (EU), fulfilling the requirements according to the Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EU (PED).

Maticon participates in the Danish Standards Foundation Committee S-132, working with the development of European standards within the fields of pressurized equipment.

Recently we have developed an app for smartphones, tablets and iPads, such that users easily can do their own calculations according to the PED harmonized design standard EN 13445.

The app is available at Google Play and App Store, as pro-version and free demo-version. The apps can be downloaded using the icons in the menu. Read more in the menu “Pressure Equipment”.

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