Technical Services

Structural Failure Investigations

When construction projects experience failure, it is crucial to identify the reasons behind the structural breakdown in order to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Structural failure investigations start with a comprehensive initial assessment of the compromised structure and a thorough review of the design requirements that formed the basis for the manufacture, installation, and commissioning of the structure.

Maticon Engineering has throughout the years fully worked with, or participated in, several failure investigations of pressurized equipment, machinery and metallic structures.

Playground Equipment and Amusement Devices

Maticon Engineering has experience with playground equipment in accordance with EN 1176, due to previous work as certified playground inspector.

While we no longer perform playground inspections, we now specialize in assessing the structural integrity of playground equipment. Our expertise lies in conducting calculations and evaluations to ensure the safety of new and existing playground equipment. These evaluations are conducted in accordance with EN 1176 and the Danish Building Regulation 2018 (BR18).

Additionally, we possess knowledge and experience in conducting structural calculations and evaluations for amusement rides and devices, as per EN 13814 standards. This includes evaluating the mechanical properties of materials and assessing structural fatigue.