Pressure Equipment / PED

Usually, pressure equipment that complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EU (PED) must be examined by a notified body.

Depending on the classification of the pressure equipment, it is often necessary to prepare technical documentation that includes structural calculations, technical drawings, welding documentation, mill certificates, NDT reports, risk and hazard analysis, a user manual, a declaration of conformity, and more.

Maticon Engineering has contacts with several notified bodies in Scandinavia and we can help you prepare your technical documentation, either fully or in parts, and guide you through the CE certification procedure.

Structural calculations are one of our main areas of expertise, particularly in calculations for pressure vessels, piping systems, boilers, heat exchangers, cooling systems, valves, fittings, using harmonized standards like EN 13445, EN 13480, EN 12952, DEN 12953, and others.

Maticon Engineering actively participates in the Danish Standard Association Committee S-132 for Pressurized Equipment, ensuring that we are fully updated on the latest changes to European harmonized standards for the PED, 2014/68/EU.

To facilitate the categorization of pressure equipment in accordance with the PED, 2014/68/EU, we have created a complimentary web-based tool called “PED Category & Module”. You can locate this tool at the upper right corner of our website.

Additionally, we have created an Android app for smartphones and tablets that allows users to easily perform their own calculations in accordance with the PED’s harmonized design standard EN 13445. The app is available on Google Play.