Pressure Equipment

The European Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EU, abbreviated “PED”, came into force July 20th 2016, replacing the former directive 97/23/EC.

Depending upon the classification of the pressure equipment, it is often necessary to prepare technical documentation that includes:

  • Description of the pressure equipment
  • Technical drawings
  • Structural calculations (acc. to recognized standards or design codes)
  • Welding certificates and Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
  • Material specifications and material certificates
  • Methods for non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Testing reports
  • Risk analysis

At Maticon we have contact to several notified bodies (NB) within Scandinavia and we are able to prepare your technical documentation and help you through the certification procedure, including the contact to the notified body.

Structural calculations are one of our main areas and the calculations are carried out using pressure equipment standards like EN 13445, EN 13480, EN 12952 and design codes like ASME VIII Div.1, PD 5500 and AD-Merkblätter.

Maticon participates in the Danish Standard Association Committee S-132 for Pressurized Equipment and for that matter we are fully up-to-date concerning the latest changes to European harmonized standards for the PED, 2014/68/EU.

For classification of pressure equipment according to the PED, 2014/68/EU, we have developed a free online tool, “PED Category & Module”, available in the menu “Links & Articles”.

Recently we have developed an app for smartphones, tablets and iPads, such that users easily can do their own calculations according to the PED harmonized design standard EN 13445.

The app is available at Google Play and App Store, as pro-version and free demo-version. The apps can be downloaded using the icons in the menu or by pressing the links below, which also includes a presentation video, a calculation example and the user manual:

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