Machinery & Steel Structures

Throughout the years Maticon has solved several assignments concerning design and calculation of primarily welded and bolted structures.

The assignments have been carried out by using standards and guidelines in order to assure a high level of safety.

The assignments include:

  • Design and calculation of circular and rectangular storage- and cooling tanks according to EN 14015, EN 12285, EN 1993-4-2, the Swedish “Cisternanvisningar” and guidelines.
  • Design and calculation of base ring and anchor bolts for storage tanks according to guidelines and EN 1993-1-8
  • Design and calculation of lifting equipment according to EN 1993-1-8 and DNV Standards.
  • Design and calculation of a mobile artificial climbing wall according to EN 12572 and the Eurocodes
  • Calculation of welded beam sections acc. EN 1993-1-8
  • Calculation of hydraulic lift for commercial vehicles acc. the Eurocodes
  • Calculation of mobile elevating work platform according to EN 280 and the Eurocodes
  • Calculation of snow- and wind load according to EN 1991-1-3 and EN 1991-1-4
  • Calculation of stability for a swing structure according to EN 1176 and the Eurocodes

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