Design & Calculations

Maticon are specialized in design and calculations of pressure equipment, machine- and steel structures, lifting equipment, welded and bolted joints, sports- and playground structures, amongst others.

Mechanical structures are normally designed and calculated according to recognized standards and design codes, usually as a part of a certification procedure. The structural calculations are carried out using specific formulas and procedures given within the standards and design codes. For a more complex mechanical design it can be necessary to use finite element calculations and analysis to verify the structural integrity.

At Maticon we have many years of experience with the use of the finite element method and the following analysis. For pressurized equipment we use the “Design By Analysis” principles outlined in the European standard, EN 13445-3, Annex B or C.

For structural calculations we normally use commercial software covering several recognized standards and design codes, but in many cases we also use in-house developed software and spreadsheets.

For classification of pressure equipment according to the PED, 2014/68/EU, we have developed a free online tool available at this website.

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